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Our mission is to help you understand and manage the challenges of lymphedema through
• Online self-care videos on this website
• Quarterly patient self-care classes held in Kent WA

Our goal
is to empower you with hope by helping you to:
• Learn skills to effectively manage your lymphedema.
• Discover that your lymphedema doesn't have to control your life.

Lymphedema Education,
Classes and Resources.
Our next six-hour self-care class will be offered Nov. 14th, 2015 at the Northwest Lymphedema Center, in Kent WA. This patient self-care class...  

In collaboration with Harmony Hill Retreat Center, the NWLC is sponsoring their second Lymphedema Retreat at Harmony Hill Retreat Center in Union, WA on the scenic Hood Canal. This year's retreat will be held May 15th-17th, 2015. The retreat is open to up to twenty people with lymphedema and provides .... 

Our self-care videos, classes and individual therapist appointments for patients in financial need are all made possible by donations and our sponsors. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organizaion, our services are supported by...

NWLC Board Members presentations about Lymphdemea
Two Members of our Board of Directors, Julie Venn and Lynn Fass, are giving presentations - "LYMPHEDEMA - What Cancer Patients and Survivors Need to Know". These presentations are being held in conjunction with Cancer Lifeline and will . . .Read more

Lymphedema Retreat at Harmony Hill
The outstanding Lymphedema Retreat at Harmony Hill returns - May 2015
Patients call it "life-changing"

Held at the Harmony Hill Retreat Center in Union, WA, on scenic Hood Canal, the retreat includes no-cost lodging, meals and Self-Care Lymphedema Education for those who. . .Read more

The Lymphedema Treatment Act (LTA) is gaining momentum in Congress!
New bill refocused on the urgent need for compression
Did you know that Medicare does not cover medically-needed compression garments and supplies? Find out how the LTA will enable this essential element of care to be covered . . .Read more

Cathy Bates brings Public Focus to Lymphedema Treatment
Actress Cathy Bates recently appeared on The Doctors television show to discuss her own lymphedema experience and how it was addressed. Her interview appears on the the show's website and can be viewed here.

Self-Advocacy Class for Lymphedema Patients
Facilitated by Elaine Eigeman, NWLC Board Member
Cancer and lymphedema patients often need help - finding their feet, finding their voice and finding the rest of their lives. Elaine Eigeman has been there and her mission in life now is to help others recover theirs. . .Read more

Local patient advocates advance the Lymphedema Treatment Act in the US Congress
The Movement is Growing
The WA-State team of lymphedema patient advocates is building a grassroots team to help pass the LTA. Read their story of how they worked with their WA representatives and how you can help. . . Read more

Event in Support of the Lymphedema Treatment Act
NWLC hosted an event to raise awareness and to support the LTA on June 3rd 2014. The bill’s lead sponsor, Rep. DaveReichert, and Rep. Adam Smith, whose district includes the NWLC, spoke about the urgent need to pass this critical legislation. We are grateful to the 22 patients whose active participation put “a face on lymphedema” ...view a video about the event

The Northwest Lymphedema Center is a valuable resource for anyone suffering from lymphedema.
Our goal is to help you and your caregivers understand your treatment options.