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Self-Care Videos

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As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, the NWLC offers online self-care instructional videos at no charge.  It is our gift to you. We believe you will find the information beneficial.  Your tax-deductible donation will allow us to continue and expand this educational program.
Thank you.

 About the Self-Care Classes

Lynn and JoAnn have been teaching lymphedema patients how to care for themselves since 1993. They learned early on the importance of patient education and began producing Self-Care Videos in 1995. Both Lynn and JoAnn are therapists and both have lymphedema. Lynn has had primary lymphedema in both legs since 1974 and in her arms since 1998. JoAnn is a cancer survivor and did not present with lymphedema until seven years after her surgery in 1989. Julie Venn, lymphedema therapist and patient, joined their teaching team in 2008.

“Helping others understand and meet the challenges of lymphedema” is the mission statement of the Northwest Lymphedema Center (NWLC) for which Lynn is President, Julie is Vice-President and JoAnn is the co-founder. They have all donated thousands of hours teaching patient self-care classes, consulting and accepting personal phone calls from lymphedema patients throughout the entire country. Patient education is truly their passion as well as their legacy. Now, with internet accessibility, they are able to disseminate their personal stories and shared experiences with anyone who can benefit from the information and has access to the internet.